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Tits & Ass Demo, 9 Februarie 1988 5:09

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Per: Tits & Ass demo from February 1988. Marie and I wrote “Cry” and “Dance Away” and a few other ones that you haven’t heard early that year. “Cry” is a great song I couldn’t have written on my own. Fits Marie perfectly with those “crying” melody-lines.

– Roxette Facebook, Woensdag, 30 Oktober 2013

Oorspronklike Weergawe 5:05

Living here without you is not an easy way of life
I spend my time without you
I try to make it all worthwhile
Standing in a rainfall coming down from the sky

Why should I cry over you?
Why should I cry cry cry over you?

I keep on thinking about you
I’ve got no private pride to hide
I’ve built my world around you
Like a call without reply
My love has lost direction
She’s got the sun in her eyes

Why should I cry over you?
Why should I cry cry cry over you?

Hearing your footsteps
Loud on my stairs
A walking…
Living without you
Feeling the sweet sweet smell of love in the air
I can feel it
Living without you
Kissing the face that I see everywhere
But I’m living without you
Living without

  • Woorde deur Per Gessle
  • Musiek deur Marie Fredriksson en Per Gessle
  • Uitgegee deur Jimmy Fun Music en Shock the Music

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Per: THAT’S A FACT UPDATE: Just realized that the piano we used on “Cry” (Look Sharp!) is the very same piano Queen used for “Bohemian Rhapsody”! How about that?

– Roxette Facebook, Saterdag, 30 November 2013

Lewendig by Himmelstalundshallen, Norrköping, Swede op 16 Desember 1988 5:42

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