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Crash! Boom! Bang!

Chart Performance

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Music Video

First aired June 1994

Production Credits

  • Directing
    • Director: Michael Geoghegan
  • Production
    • Producer: Louise Knight
    • Production Company: Why Not Films

Shooting Locations

  • London, United Kingdom — February 1994


London 1994. Did you know we had to make this video twice?

Technical f##k-ups happened after it was done so the first version couldn't be used at all. Lots of tears, anger and a slightly frustrated insurance company were the main ingredients in this particular milkshake.

PS. The second version (that's here) turned out even better than the first one! Marie+Per = happy! /P.

– Roxette Official, Thursday, 14 February 2019

MORE INFO re the Crash! Boom! Bang-video:

I notice some of you want to know where to find the “first version” of the CBB-clip. Thing is that the director eventually noted a serious sync problem so it couldn’t be seen or edited at all. In those days it was pretty complicated to correct big mistakes/issues like that. Don’t ask me exactly what happened cos I don’t really know. Technical stuff has never been my cuppa tea.

So all in all… there was never a final version of “the first one”. We had to record everything once more. No big deal. We regarded it as a 250.000GBP-rehearsal. Aaah the music biz in those days… Have a fab weekend y’all. /P.

– Roxette Official, Friday, 15 February 2019