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Låtar / Marie Fredriksson

All You’ve Gotta Do Is Feel

Ursprungliga Versionen 4:05

All you’ve gotta do is feel, right now!
When tomorrow comes for real
All you’ve gotta do is feel
All you’ve gotta do is feel
Maybe you can save the world
If your heart’s gonna heal
All you’ve gotta do is feel

We can live our lives
We can live them together
Happy for a while or happy forever
Give me all your trust
And you will get something better
You gonna be the star of the show

All you’ve gotta do is feel…

If you won’t be afraid
Then you will live forever
Get a piece of a cake
So much bigger and better
You can be so much more real
Good vibrations are better
No matter if you’re high or low
Dressed in cred wherever you go…

Tillgänglig på:

  • 2:nd Chance
    • 5″ CD i kortomslag
  • The Change
    • 8-Track Snippet Sampler from the Forthcoming Album “The Change” 5″ CD i kortomslag
    • 5″ CD i plastfodral